"Novik-service" is dynamically developing company since 1997. Nowadays we are one of leading firms in the South of Russian Federation in the department of service of seagoing and rivergoing ships. We work from Taganrog up to Tuapse: in ports of Yeisk, Temryuk, Port of Caucasus, Azov, Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog, Novorossisk, Tuapse, Astrakhan and others. Directed the application to our company, you'll receive qualitative service. We'll take care about it. You only have to order us to decide your problems in due time and pay your bill.

We are not intermediaries, but performers. We have highly trained personnel having conforming admissions and the sanctions, and sufficient material base for the operative decision of the questions arising during repair and maintenance service of your ships.

We have a free-of-charge preliminary inspection of multiturnaround cargo fastening means.

We make survey and manufacturing of a rigging in the shortest times. We'll make and test rigging for your ship with distribution of corresponding documents in 24 hours.

We can deliver any spare part and any supply in real time.

We work to solve the technical problems arising during operation of your ships.

We work always and everywhere if there is an opportunity of safe work, without the days off and holidays.

If you have the problem and you don't know whom to contact, contact us, we’ll help you.